My husband and I purchased this property in the summer of 2015. We have slowly been fixing it up and trying to bring some new life to the space. It has been a major work in progress, but we are getting there! We (meaning my amazing husband) completely gutted and remodeled the interior of the space with intentions to rent it out, but the universe had other plans. I have always loved to entertain and am constantly coming up with excuses to plan a gathering. These events always took place at our “shop” because our house was too small. I also felt that there was a huge need for modern and affordable meeting space in the area, so Venue 126 was born the summer of 2018!

I have a love for design so I wanted to keep things fresh and simple, so that the space can be easily transformed into whatever the client wants. We have concrete floors and white walls, so it is the perfect backdrop as is but can also be easily transformed into any theme. We also feel like there are not enough family friendly spaces in the area, so we have plenty of kids items that can be pulled out to entertain the little ones but also hidden away for those adult only events.

When we’re not running our multiple businesses, we’re attempting (ha ha) to raise our two beautiful daughters (Lynken - 6, and Karysn - 3) who keep us very busy. Often times they will be at the space with us and you will probably see photos and videos featuring their wonderful and independent personalities!